10 effects of Taomi Shui

10 effects of Taomi Shui

People often dump rice water when cooking, and think that it has no use. In fact, in daily life, Taomi Shui can play “multiple roles.”

  The medicinal value of Taomi Water The rice water contains certain protein, vitamins and trace elements, especially the first two times rice water contains potassium, and the rice water will show a pH of 5.

5 weak acidity, after adding salt into the medicine, it has the effect of clearing fire, cooling blood and detoxifying.

  The study found that rice water contains protein, starch, minerals and other nutrients, which can be used to wash your face, moisturize, and replenish after cooking. It helps to protect the stomach wall mucosa, eliminate food accumulation and improve indigestion.

Traditional Chinese medicine also tried to use Chinese medicine as a prescription for spleen and stomach.

  After boiling with rice water and salt, the skin is washed externally or externally, which has a mild cleaning effect on the skin, and can maintain the normal pH of the skin surface, inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and prevent skin itching.

  In addition, the first one or two Taomi water will show a PH value of 5.

A weak acidity of about 5, after washing twice, the pH is about 7.

2 or so, this kind of weakly alkaline rice water is very suitable for cleaning items. It can replace sebum instead of soapy water. Compared with general industrial washing powder, it has moderate cleaning power, mild size and no impurities.

  Ten functions of Taomi Shui: 1. Wash your hands with Taomi Shui, which can decontaminate and moisturize the skin.

  2, wash dishes with rice water, in addition to strong detergency, there is no chemical, better than detergent.

  3, before the use of the new casserole, first wash with rice water, and then put rice soup on the fire for half an hour.

After such treatment, the casserole will not leak.

  4, the use of the chopping board for a long time, will produce a stench.

It can be added to the soaking solution in the rice water, and then scrubbed with salt, and the odor can be eliminated.

  5, kitchen knives, spatula, iron spoon and other iron cookware, immersed in the thick rice water, can prevent damage.

If it is already worn, soak it in water for a few hours, which is easy to wipe off the rust spots.

  6, with astringent dish, add salt in the rice water wash, then rinse with water, can remove the smell.

  7, the meat bought from the market, sometimes stained with dirt, it is difficult to wash with tap water, if washed twice with hot rice, the dirt is easy to remove.

  8, just painted good furniture, some of the unpleasant smell of paint, with a soft cloth dipped in rice water repeatedly wiped, can remove the smell of paint.

  9, white clothes soaked in rice water for 10 minutes, then washed with soap, can make clothes white and fresh.

  10, if the towel is stained with fruit juice, sweat, etc., there will be odor and harden.

Soak it in the rice water for a few minutes and it will become white and soft.

  How do dermatologists use rice water?

  In the eyes of dermatologists, Taomi Shui has a different effect – oyster oil emollient.

Especially for people with long acne and large oily skin, wash your face with Taomi Shui, which can remove dirt and irritate the skin.

  The doctor said: The reason why Taomi Shui has such a magical effect is because the surface of rice (the first road in Taomi water) contains potassium. The water of the first rice scouring is weakly acidic, while the second time is that the rice water is weak.Alkaline, it is suitable for the cleansing of weak acid environment in the face, sometimes it can replace the cleansing products, and it is mild in nature, does not irritate the skin, and has no side effects.

If heated, the cleaning ability is stronger.

  How to use rice water to prevent skin itching?

  When you wash rice every day, leave the water for the second time, let it clarify slowly, take the supernatant part to wash your face.

  Need an expert is: wash your face with Taomi water not too much, it is recommended to use once every two or two days.

Generally, after one month of persistence, the skin will have a significant improvement.

  If there is no change after using it every second, your skin quality is not suitable. It is recommended to replace other cleaning methods.

  In addition, using rice water to add some salt to boil and rub the skin outside, it also has a cleansing effect on the skin, which has certain pain in adjusting the pH of the skin surface, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and preventing skin itching.

Get out of the shadow of depression and enjoy a healthy life

Get out of the shadow of depression and enjoy a healthy life

I was psychologically experienced in a serious crisis between the ages of 33 and 35. Because the society did not recognize the psychological problems at the time, I blindly struggled on the muddy road.

After two years of self-adjustment, both psychological problems have turned to safety, and the character and outlook on life have also sublimated to a higher level of consciousness.

  My symptoms at the time were: the front chest and the back could not tell whether it was sour or painful. When eating food, I always felt that there was a foreign body blocking, and there was a feeling of swallowing anywhere, stomach pain and swelling; the temperament became fragile, often for no reason.Tears, I believe that there is no strict boundary between life and death, sincere and fearful, there is a feeling of great difficulty.

Going to the hospital to seek medical treatment, the doctor suspected that he was suffering from an incurable disease, and he was suspected of being a heart disease. Although the result of the examination was negative, he always thought that the end of the day was coming, even considering how to entrust the child, how to choose the object for the lover.butReason tells me that these are impossible, but they can’t be solved. There is always a shadow in my heart.

In the meantime, there was no less medicine. The doctors treated them as chest wall pain, gas is not smooth, and autonomic nervous disorder has been treated. It does not help.

  Two accidental things gave me a preliminary understanding.

One is the depression of middle-aged people introduced in CCTV’s “Health and Health” program. Some of the symptoms mentioned above are similar to me.

The other was to go out for a meeting. When I returned, I didn’t catch the direct bus. I drove to the neighboring township where I was 25 away from home. I borrowed a bicycle to ride home, and 15 of them were after dark.

When I got home, I felt that my chest and back pain was greatly relieved and I felt very comfortable.

From this, I realized that my body should be devoid of serious illness, especially the pain in the chest and back, which may be due to long-term work at the desk and not love activities.

Since then, I have tried to adjust my mindset.

At that time, it was unconscious. Now I have reviewed and summarized the scales of my distribution. There are mainly the following methods: First, increase outdoor activities.

Exercise to take “moving” and “quiet” combination.

I have always been accustomed to reading at the desk, not loving activities. When the depression is serious, sitting is not a station or not, but there is an exception. Once I step onto the platform to enter the role, I come to the spirit.

I learned to play badminton during the break between classes, every 20 minutes to half an hour, the whole body activity, a little sweat, I feel very comfortable.

My chest and back pain is cured by playing badminton.

During the afternoon extracurricular activities, walk out of the campus to avoid the downtown area, walk along the moat, or walk into the fields, gaze at the mountains and the water, blue sky and green land, you can enjoy the natural scenery, appreciate the beauty of nature with your heart, you can seek peace of mind, change your mood, reachBroaden your horizons and broaden your heart. The activities of “moving” are more beneficial to the body. The activities of “quiet” are more beneficial to the mood, and at the same time, they benefit the human body.

  Second, talk to trusted people.

There are thought problems that can’t be solved, don’t be bored, and take the initiative to find someone to communicate.

The person who is looking for is not a casual person. It is a choice. It should be a person who is enthusiastic and helpful, a scientific way of thinking, a person who knows the winner of the problem, and in short, a person who can be trusted.

Conversation itself is a kind of venting, a kind of liberation. In the process of confiding, the other party may point to the point of dialing, so that they can open their own mouths; or express sympathy, or come up with ideas, and finally slowly recover.

  Third, the mood is suppressed and vented.

Because the depression time is too long, I sometimes feel aggrieved and want to cry, but always take care of the teacher’s image.

Once I was wronged at work, I couldn’t help myself. I burst into tears and cried for six or seven hours.

This cries, the head of the heart put down a big stone, and it has been a lot easier now. Now it is one of the turning points of my depression.

  Fourth, think about the problem of conversion.

I have a creed to do things: if you don’t do it, you have to do it well, and sweep the street to be cleaner than others.

This is the attitude of life. I have done my duty to the teaching work. I have never lost my job because of private affairs. On the contrary, I lost a lot of personal interests because of my work. I was quickly recognized by students and the society, but I was also not educated.The fear of the unscrupulous person is the most incompetent, but it is also the most powerful way to hurt people – personal attacks.

I am introverted, timid like a little cat, like a mimosa, facing a sudden attack, making my mind unbearable, the introverted personality determines that I have no ability to “counterattack”, can only remain silent.

For seven or eight years, I am cautious, and I am a man with a tail.

When depression is most serious, there are even thoughts of suicide or murder.

Coincidentally, I read the poem of Sang Hengchang, a poet of Shandong, the only sentence: “I am willing to be with my opponent, and I can replenish it with the opponent in the way of dismantling each other.”

“This poem has opened me a bit, isn’t it?”

Because some people are embarrassed, some people pick faults, they have a sense of supervision, they are more rigorous in their studies, they are more daring to work, and their business abilities are constantly improving. Their personality is constantly improving. Is this not a faculty member who breaks through iron shoes and is hard to eat?

Faced with the same situation, but holding a different state of mind, although a little helpless, but this angle of the mountains and heavy waters, the perspective of the turn of the peak, is also a good way to accept the reality.

  Since then, I have gradually learned to think about the problem from a different angle. No matter what happens, I can make a confident and optimistic explanation.

  After two years or so, I walked out of the shadow of depression and became a healthy and happy person.

Especially after the age of 35, all the discomforts of the body have disappeared, and there have been unexpected discoveries. My character has also developed strengths and circumvented weaknesses, and gradually improved. My life is rich and interesting, and it is also talkative, optimistic and open-minded.Things, but also become “nosy”, when I have similar symptoms with me, I will take the initiative to give advice.

Don’t sleep right after sex

Don’t sleep right after sex

Men often feel tired after sex, so many people like to fall asleep and think that this will eliminate fatigue.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Sleeping immediately after sex can even cause the woman’s unhappiness, and the post-fatigue after ejaculation continues until the next day.

  Usually, when a couple lives a sexual life, they start from sexual excitement and end their orgasm. Under normal circumstances, the duration is about 5-20 minutes, and it is longer than this.

During sexual life, the human sympathetic nerves are in a state of high tension, and various hormones, especially sex hormones, are secreted.

  At this time, both sex organs are highly congested, and from the sexual excitement to the high tide, many tissues of the body are also involved in this special physiological process, such as: rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, accelerated breathing, and systemic skin blood vessels.Expansion, increased sweating, etc.

Therefore, in this process, the energy consumption of the body is significantly increased and the metabolism is enhanced.

  The reason why there is fatigue after sex life is mainly due to the fact that the control of the cerebrospinal fluid that discharges semen is interrupted after the ejaculation.

During ejaculation, the nerves are excited and nervous, and the nerves and spinal cord reflex nerves relax after ejaculation.

  Young people are sensitive and active, so they recover quickly, and some even recover immediately.

In elderly people, the nerve response is slow, and the recovery time is relatively offset. If you fall asleep immediately after ejaculation, the reflex function that causes fatigue will continue to decrease, and the fatigue will be difficult to disappear.

  Do not sleep immediately after sexual intercourse, get up and continue to do some daily things, can make the reflex nerves that have become dull due to sexual stimulation to recover smoothly.

If you fall asleep immediately after the completion of the event, the slow effect of sleep plus the slow effect of sexual stimulation, causing fatigue until the next day, let you backache.

  Therefore, after sexual intercourse, remember not to turn to sleep immediately; watch TV, get up for a drink of water, or sleep slowly with your wife, will not let fatigue last until the next day.

The secret of longevity should be eaten slowly

The secret of longevity should be eaten slowly

“When we are struggling for life, life has left us.

The words of the British singer John Lennon are completely a portrayal of the fast-paced life of modern people.

A few days ago, a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center and the Sina News Center (1707 participants) showed that 84% of people think that their lives are in the “expedited era”
, 71 of them.

1% of people said that “the spirit is highly nervous and the pressure is high” is the first priority for them to get angry.

The most outstanding performance with the “expedited era”, 60.

2% of people think that “the pace of life is accelerating,” 54.

7% of people think that “floating, can’t be down.”

  Therefore, many experts at home and abroad believe that people need to calm down and enjoy life slowly.

There is no doubt that a “slow life” revolution has quietly emerged around the world. Among them, the “first shot” is a slow diet.

When “fast food” and “junk food” are increasingly threatening human health, slow food gradually develops into a new “food culture” and becomes the key to people’s longevity.

  The fast-paced life of the city is distorting our lives and the environment in the name of development.

We must start from eating slowly and resist the fast-paced life.

– International Slow Food Association “Slow Meal Declaration” In 1986, the Italian journalist Carlo Petrini was caused by dozens of students sitting in the square chewing burgers.

In order to awaken people’s taste of hypnosis, he established the International Slow Food Association.

The “O” in Slow Food is exaggerated into a snail shape – meaning “to eat slowly, there is nothing special to catch.”

Zhao Qiming, vice chairman of the International Slow Food Association in China, said, “Slow food is a life attitude, which allows people to have fun in a fast-paced life.

As of now, the Slow Food Association has nearly 70,000 members in 45 countries and regions.

  The French Slow Food Association was founded in 1989.

However, the original intention of this association was to protect the national food culture.

As one of the contents promoted by the association, the concept of “chewing slowly” has also entered thousands of households.

  No matter how busy the work, the French always like to spend a lot of time on dinner, and this is also the most relaxed time for people – four dishes, everyone slowly eat, talk slowly, most of it is 10 o’clock at nighttoo much.

When the weekend is also a “slow meal” for the French, it is hard to have the opportunity to enjoy the food with friends and relatives. Most people don’t want to miss it.

  Compared with the French, the Americans’ “slow meal” has some “utilitarian” colors.

Since more than 30% of people in the United States are over-obese, it is not the only way for them to lose weight.

  In fact, slow meals are not suitable for the fast-moving society of the United States.

Many people sometimes drive into the fast food speciality, the car does not need to use, directly buy a burger and open the side to eat.

However, through the promotion of the concept of “slow food is good for health and can lose weight”, the fast food industry has encountered challenges.

Last year, a team of lawyers in the United States also sued McDonald’s, saying that the fast food they provided made the American people fat and demanded nearly $100 million.

As a result, the fast-food bosses began to advertise in a very passive situation, and those Americans who “race the clock” stopped the car, rested, and slowly tasted delicious in the store.

  Another country known as “fast pace of life” – Japan, now also promotes “slow meals.”

“The benefits to the body need not be said much, which is conducive to digestion and can maintain body shape; psychologically, it makes people calm down after a busy day, and faces the urban life with a peaceful attitude.

“Today, some Western-style fast food restaurants have been left out in front of them. Even in the short lunch time, they can see the wage earners eating slowly in the restaurant.

Flower tea health: six beauty tea over the hot summer, family essential

Flower tea health: six beauty tea over the hot summer, family essential

More and more people are paying attention to health care. There are all kinds of herbal teas everywhere on the street. Many flower tea plants have the effect of heatstroke, beauty and health.

The easiest alternative to herbal tea is to blend in after brewing. The fragrance is strong and irritating, and it makes people feel happy after smelling.

Let me introduce some flowers and plants to let you spend the summer!


Dieting constipation Drinking Cassia tea Intestinal peristalsis is slow, and people (especially obese dieters during dieting and weight loss) tend to accumulate in the body, causing constipation.

It is recommended to announce Cassia tea.

Ingredients: Cassia tea.

Practice: hot water brewing.

Efficacy: clearing the liver and eyesight, benefiting water and laxative.


The accumulation of food in the stomach of Pu’er tea does not affect the gastrointestinal function, and most of it is mild, and the sugar is not consumed by normal consumption.

Recommended Pu’er tea.

Ingredients: Pu’er tea, 5 dried chrysanthemums.

Practice: hot water brewing.
Efficacy: help digestion, eliminate grease.


Qinghuo Detox Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum Tea is the most convenient drink for clearing fire and losing weight.

Ingredients: a few dried chrysanthemums.

Practice: brew directly with hot water.

Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxification, quenching thirst, lowering blood pressure.


Carnivores drink hawthorn tea Hawthorn tea is more suitable for obesity that likes to eat meat.

Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn.

Practice: decoction with water.

Efficacy: It can eliminate oil, help to excrete waste in the body, and dissipate silt.


Protecting the stomach and drinking rose tea with multi-functional roses, you can brew tea and dip.

Drinking more can protect the stomach.

Ingredients: 5 grams of rose.

Practice: warm water to brew.

Efficacy: blood stasis, treatment of liver and stomach pain.


Cellulite, weight loss, drink, lotus leaf tea, lotus leaf tea can lower fat, clean up the stomach, detoxify and nourish the skin, nourish the liver and lungs.

Ingredients: small bag packaging, one bag at a time, one bag for a day to search directly[again a bubble lotus tea]can be purchased, convenient and quick effect: cellulite to lose weight, help digestion, nourish lungs, dampness.

The old man hand shake first distinguishes the nature and then treats

The old man “hand shake” first distinguishes the nature and then treats

Uncle Lee is 65 years old and has a good constitution.
Spiritual paralysis.
However, in recent days, both hands have been shaking constantly, and even eating and holding vegetables and writing have been seriously affected, and they are very distressed.
This phenomenon like the appearance of Uncle Lee.
Medically referred to as “tremor”, it refers to a part or all of the body that manifests as involuntary rhythmic vibrations, usually aggravated when emotional stress.
Reduced when quiet, disappeared during sleep.
For the “tremor”, people’s understanding is different. Some elderly friends think that the situation of the elderly hand shake is not an individual phenomenon, it does not hinder big things, let it be natural; and some people.
It was too serious to see this, and it was suspected that it was cerebral arteriosclerosis.
I was suspected to be Parkinson’s syndrome for a while, and I was upset.
How to deal with the above situation?
Experts suggest that the elderly hand tremor must first distinguish the nature and then deal with it accordingly.
  In fact, the causes of tremor in the elderly are both functional and organic.
For two different types of symptoms, it is necessary to distinguish between situations and treat them separately.
  Functional tremor is often caused by emotional agitation, overwork, and physical weakness. It is caused by a temporary increase in the level of adrenal gland secretion. Generally, no treatment is needed. If it affects daily life, it can be administered as appropriate under the guidance of a doctor.Good results can be obtained; organic tremor is caused by pathological factors, the root of the disease is mostly in the brain, and the area responsible for motor coordination function is often damaged by certain diseases, which causes tremors, which are often diseases, especially brains.The aura or reflection of vascular disease must be highly valued. Common diseases are: Arteriosclerosis Arteriosclerosis can lead to autonomic incoordination in the elderly. Hand tremor is one of its symptoms, and severe tremors can occur in the head.
Control of arteriosclerosis is a fundamental strategy to prevent such tremors. Drugs for treating arteriosclerosis, such as diazepam, inositol nicotinic acid ester, etc., can be used.
  If the middle brain has lesions in the midbrain, it can cause paralysis of the tremor, and the most obvious and common tremor in the hand.
Anticholinergic drugs such as Antan should be used for treatment.
  Cerebellar disease maintenance and coordination of human activities is one of the functions of the cerebellum.
If the cerebellum develops lesions, it is prone to “intentional tremor”. For example, when the cup is near the mouth, the hand tremor is severe, it is difficult to complete a specific movement, and often accompanied by walking, talking and eating.
It has been reported that diphenhydramine, promethazine, etc. can be used to improve symptoms.
  The high incidence of written tremor is mainly the elderly mental workers who have been engaged in writing for a long time.
The main symptoms are difficult to write with a pen. In severe cases, you can’t write with a pen.
The cause of written tremor is caused by dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, so the treatment should be based on psychological therapy, supplemented by drug therapy.
  It can be seen that for the treatment of the elderly hand tremor, it is necessary to distinguish the nature first and then deal with it accordingly.
However, whether it is functional tremor or organic tremor, it is harmless to cultivate good living habits and do daily health care.
As an elderly person, you should do the following things in your life: sleep well, in addition to good rest at night, you should develop a good habit of taking a nap at noon; keep exercising, often take walks, jogging, gymnastics, Tai Chi and other activities., enhance physical fitness; diet, eat more meals, lighter, eat more vitamins, high protein, fungus, mushrooms and other food; quit smoking and alcohol.

Spring diet health is 5 points most important

Spring diet health is 5 points most important

INTRODUCTION: In the spring of multiple diseases, the health of the spring diet is critical for having spring disease.

Chinese medicine reminds that the spring diet is healthy, 5 points is the most important!

  First, eat less acid, slightly sweeter Tang Shi famous doctor Sun Sizhen has long said: “Spring days should be acid, increase sweet, to raise temper.

“Because according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, spring liver gas is ordered, the liver gas is too strong can hurt the spleen and stomach, affecting the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

The sour taste into the liver, sweet taste into the spleen, less sour and sweet, not only to avoid excessive liver and temper.

Therefore, in the spring you have to eat less sour food, eat more high-quality protein, sugary foods such as lean meat, eggs, jujube, honey, fruits, vegetables and so on.

  Second, after the fruit winter, people will be more common in the presence of multivitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements, so the common spring stomatitis, angular cheilitis and certain skin diseases, these are fresh vegetables, eat less fruitThe reason.

Therefore, in the spring, you should eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the nutrients you need.

  Third, the yang food Chinese medicine is called “spring and summer Yang Yang”, spring yang qi hair, in the diet should be appropriate to eat some foods that can warm the sun (such as scallions, onions, ginger, etc.) to encourage and enrich the body’s yang,Enhance resistance and resist invasion by external evils.

  Fourth, the supplement of liquid spring is windy, easy to dissipate water, dry mouth, cleft lip, rough skin, dry cough, sore throat and other symptoms.

Therefore, it is advisable to eat more food that can supplement the body fluid.

For example, eating porridge on spring is a good way.

Add some leeks, celery, and leeks to the porridge, which will not only digest and absorb, but also help Chunyang to produce hair.

Others such as citrus, honey, sugar cane, etc. can also be eaten, but not excessive.

  Fifth, light and diversified greasy foods affect the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, often cause people to feel full, cause a variety of nutrient absorption, and easy to cause fatigue, drowsiness and other symptoms, work efficiency decline, which is also the cause of “spring sleep”one.

In the spring, the amount of human activity increases, the metabolism is gradually strong, and it requires abundant nutrition.

Therefore, it is reasonable to supplement the goals advocated, avoid monotony, and scientifically and rationally match alternatives, such as staple foods and non-staple foods, coarse grains and fine grains, foraging and vegetarian diets, etc., so that we can get more from a variety of foods.More complete nutrition, full of people.

  Therefore, if you want to eat healthy in the spring, you must master the spring diet, and the spring diet is healthy. The most important thing is 5 o’clock.

Eat right, healthy life.

What is the favorite diet for centenarians –

What is the favorite diet for centenarians?

Beginning with the Qin Emperor Hanwu, human beings have been searching for the secret of immortality, especially in places where there are many longevity old people. Some people want to find out.

In the summer, in addition to the two world-famous Longevity townships of Guangxi Bama and Xinjiang Hetian, there is also a place recently listed on the “Global Longevity List”.

On September 5, 2011, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province was awarded the sixth largest longevity town in the world by the International Natural Medicine Association and the World Longevity Town Science Accreditation Committee. This is the only longevity town that the organization has discovered since 1991.

According to statistics, there are 265 long-lived elderly people over 100 years old and 6 years old over 80 years old.

70,000 people and centenarians rank first in the country.

What’s more, the long-lived elderly people in the local area are mostly silent and have a strong self-care ability.

Among them, the number of elderly people over the age of 90 who are preparing for the centenarians is far more than Okinawa, Japan, which has been ranked first in Japan for the longest in 37 years.

The other five longevity towns in the world are China’s Bama in Guangxi, Hetian in Xinjiang, Hunza in Pakistan, the Transcaucasian region and Birkabamba in Ecuador.

Those centenarians in those places get together, and those in their 60s and 70s are just called “young adults.”

Coincidentally, these longevity towns are located in the higher cold areas, located in remote mountainous areas, such as the paradise-like environment and fresh and pure air, so that people who have lived in the city for a long time can only be sighed.

However, Rugao City is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, spread over industrially developed areas. Because there is not much innate advantage, the longevity experience here is more valuable and worthy of being replaced by most people.

Recently, the World Longevity Hometown Investigation Group, the Rugao Changshou Institute of Fudan University conducted a survey of 100 local centenarians and found some simple longevity secrets.

Rapeseed is the best longevity dish research result: For example, the most popular vegetables for the elderly are green vegetables (southern called cabbage or horse ear dish, northern called small rape), leeks, spinach.

Experts interpret: “The efficacy of diet is not only to prevent disease, but also to play an important role in the recovery and treatment of certain diseases, prolonging the life expectancy of patients, and perhaps also the reason for longevity.

“The president of the International Society of Natural Medicine, the head of the World Longevity Township Investigation Team, Mori Seiichi, told the Life Times reporter.” From my clinical experience, patients with chronic diseases should eat more germs and fermented foods.

When it comes to long-lived old people’s favorite vegetables, Zhou Wei, professor of nutrition at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told reporters that rapeseed is rich in folic acid, and the minerals such as calcium and potassium are also rich. These nutrients can enhance the body.The resistance is the guardian of human health.

In addition, rapeseed has a blood-activating effect. Regular consumption can reduce blood viscosity and help protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

Amaranth, the folk is known as “aphrodisiac grass”, which has the effect of tonifying the kidney and strengthening the yang. Most of the elderly have weak yang, and they are often eaten and healthy.

At the same time, amaranth is rich in complementary fiber, which can promote resonance and peristalsis, and has a good effect on preventing constipation in the elderly.

Corn is the result of the study of coarse grains that are often eaten: the favorite staple foods are corn, buckwheat, and rice; nearly 80% of the elderly like to drink porridge in the morning and evening.

Experts interpret: corn is a common coarse grain, and the health of the elderly in the longevity town is inseparable from its help.

Corn is both spleen and water, helps prevent over-male, and is rich in lutein, which helps protect the eyes.

There are two types of buckwheat. The effect of bitter buckwheat and hypoglycemic should be supplemented with sweet buckwheat. People with diabetes can eat more.

Such as the centenarians have a habit of “two porridge and one meal”, drinking porridge in the morning can regulate the spleen and stomach, and the effect of porridge and kidney supplement at night is very good.

It should be noted that when cooking polenta, it is best to put some baking soda to help the combined niacin in corn to be converted into free form, which is better absorbed by the body.

In addition, polenta and rice porridge should be mixed to avoid a single nutrient.

Eighty percent of the elderly love to drink boiled water. The result: the most popular non-staple food for centenarians is eggs, milk, fish and shrimp; 78% of them usually drink boiled water and 10% like to drink light tea.

Interpretation by experts: Yang Li, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that eggs and milk are high-quality proteins, which contain essential amino acids, which are helpful for improving the immunity of the elderly and fighting diseases. Fish and shrimp are rich in phosphorus, which protects the brain.Delay the “magic weapon” to alleviate memory loss and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Eggs can be eaten once a day, people with abnormal blood lipids or obesity, it is recommended to eat 2-4 larger per week.

Too many people also have some misunderstandings in drinking milk. Some drink milk as water, which leads to nutritional imbalance. For the elderly, two or more cups of milk per day may increase the risk of cataract.

A cup of milk (200 ml) per person per day is appropriate.

In daily drinking, strong tea can cause constipation, but it can also raise blood pressure and increase the burden on the heart.

The best drink is still boiled water, 1600-2000 ml per day is appropriate, and it is best to have a drink in the morning, which is good for health.

Every household has a flower research result: most centenarians work non-stop, obesity is less; 90% of the centenarians have high sleep quality, 72% of centenarians have a nap habit; every household raises flowers.

Interpretation by experts: Zhang Hude, professor of health room at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, pointed out that life lies in sports. No matter what kind of exercise, even if it is doing housework, it can promote the role of blood circulation. For many years, as long as you find the way you like, long-term persistence,It is good for the body.

It is recommended that the elderly choose a more soothing exercise, try to walk slowly, play Tai Chi, and try to avoid lower waist, squat and other actions when doing housework, especially not to move heavy objects.

Flower cultivation is also a very worthwhile way to promote health, flowers and plants can beautify the environment, but also make people happy.

Every day, every day, we spend flowers and water, which not only sports the body, but also reduces loneliness.In addition, if the elderly have a long relationship with sleep, the old saying goes: “Sleep every day, 80 is not old”, the elderly have to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Contentment Changle is the result of longevity research: 94% of centenarians live with their children and grandchildren.

Most old people admit to the mentality of contentment: “My life is better every day.” “My situation is not bad.” “Thinking about the big things that I have experienced in this life, I have nothing to regret.” Expert Interpretation: ChinaHan Buxin, deputy secretary general of the Psychological Society and director of the Beijing Institute of Geriatric Psychology, said that the two factors of life satisfaction and well-being of the elderly, namely social support and family support, are indispensable.

Correctly speaking, most of the elderly can live to a hundred years old, and their descendants have contributed.

They give material protection to the elderly, give care in life, and give spiritual comfort.

Many generations of the same family, children and grandchildren around the knee, is an important reason for the health and longevity of the elderly.

In addition, as an old man, it is also important to have a happy and happy attitude. The concept of the older generation of China emphasizes “respect for the elderly”. Most elderly people are reluctant to retreat to the second line. Everything must be decided, and the conflicts with their children are oftenIn the decision-making power, once there is a disagreement, there will be a psychological gap, affecting the emotions, leading to depression.

Therefore, for the elderly, it is very important to learn to “put down.”

Mental health care for remarriage of the elderly

Mental health care for remarriage of the elderly

For the elderly who have died or divorced, they will face a problem of remarriage.

The elderly should take a cautious attitude towards remarriage. They must not be forced to be forced. The marriage without feelings is a pavilion in the desert. It will collapse at any time. The physical strength of remarriage against the elderly may be a severe test.

However, if you look ahead to the road, you must eliminate all kinds of concerns, such as the pressure of public opinion, the pressure of children’s opposition, and boldly move forward.

  After the old man remarries, special attention should be paid to fostering the feelings of both sides.

Because the elderly have poor plasticity, it is difficult to change the long-term life pattern. When there is a contradiction between the two parties after remarriage, they will be compared with their ex-wife or ex-husband, and it is easy to have emotional dissonance and lead to the breakdown of marriage.

  In order to enable the two sides to quickly establish a harmonious relationship and care for this belated flower of love, we must first rebuild the shadow of the ex-wife or ex-husband.

This is obviously not an easy task, but it must be done hard. If the consent and understanding of the other party is obtained, the old people’s items will be removed, so as not to cause an objection to the object; try not to get along with the old people.Scenario, or may not do a comparison between the two; learn more about the situation of some of the other old people, and try to do better than the other old people in all aspects.

  Usually pay attention not to touch the sensitive points of each other, such as the pros and cons of the conditions of the two sides, the problems of the children of the other party, the trust of each other, especially those things that are tried to avoid or dislike because of severe stimulation, ieThe other side’s heart is sore, emotionally unfortunately branded, and always pay attention to cultivate new feelings.

After the above efforts, the relationship of the remarried couple will become harmonious and a new type of happy family can be established.

The benefits of eating eggplant in spring and summer are not known to many people.

The benefits of eating eggplant in spring and summer are not known to many people.

1, protect the cardiovascular, lower blood pressure to protect the cardiovascular, lowering blood pressure: eggplant is rich in vitamin P, is a flavonoid compound, has the effect of softening blood vessels, can also enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce capillary permeability, preventCapillary rupture has a role in preventing small blood vessel rupture and bleeding.

Lowering cholesterol Eggplant contains fenugreek base and choline, which can be combined with excessive plasma in the small intestine and excreted in vitro to ensure normal blood circulation.

Brazilian scientists experimented with diabetic rabbits. As a result, rabbits who consumed eggplant juice had a 10% lower cholesterol content than rabbits without eggplant juice.

In a paper published in the American magazine “Cholesterol Lowering 12”, the edible eggplant was ranked first.

Therefore, high blood fat, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hemoptysis, purpura, scurvy and other patients, often eaten eggplant has a metabolic benefit.

3, anti-tumor animal experiments show that eggplant can inhibit the proliferation of digestive tract tumors.

Because eggplant is rich in solanine, it inhibits the conversion of mouse H22 ascites-type vitamins87.

4%, has a high anti-cancer effect.

According to information, in Greece and Crete on the Mediterranean coast, local residents consume large quantities of Solanaceae vegetables (including eggplant, tomatoes and peppers) all year round, where the incidence of cancer is significantly higher than in other countries in Europe and America.

4, increase digestion Since ancient times, the folks have already realized that eggplant has the effect of wide bowel laxative.

Modern medicine proves that eating eggplant can increase the release of acetylcholine, resulting in increased secretion of digestive juice and enhanced digestive movement.

5, other effects of eggplant to prevent the absorption of abnormal effects, for the dieters think it is a delicious and beneficial vegetables.

Eggplant and sweet potatoes have long been shown to have a whitening effect on the skin (especially purple eggplant).

In addition, studies have shown that eggplant has the ability to improve the body’s resistance to various diseases and anti-aging functions.

Eggplant can clear the heat and relieve heat. It is especially suitable for people who are prone to long lice and sores in summer.

[Note]1, it is best not to peel the eggplant, because the eggplant skin contains vitamin B, vitamin B and vitamin C is a good partner, vitamin C needs vitamin B support in the metabolism process, with skin to eat eggplantHelps promote the absorption of vitamin C.

Eggplant should not be eaten raw to avoid poisoning.

2, even if the eggplant is eaten a lot, but most of the cooking temperature is higher, time goes by, both greasy, and the nutritional loss is also great.

The fried eggplant has a vitamin loss of more than 50%.

In all the eating methods of eggplant, the mixture is the healthiest.

3, eggplant and crab meat are cold foods, often eaten with the stomach and feel uncomfortable, severe diarrhea, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat.

4, raw eggplant is poisoned.

Raw eggplant contains a toxin called solanine (also known as solanine), which has more solanin in germinated potatoes and is toxic!

Solanum sinensis is found in both potato buds and raw aubergines. You can even see the name “solanine”.

5, during pregnancy, friends should choose fresh eggplant when choosing eggplant.

It is best not to choose old eggplant, especially the old eggplant after autumn, which contains a lot of solanine, which is harmful to the human body and should not be eaten.