5 signals with insufficient sleep

5 signals with insufficient sleep

When you are tired, the body will send us a lot of signals.

In fact, when the debt is owed, it will be the same.

The latest issue of the US “Prevention” magazine pointed out that special attention should be paid to the five signals of lack of sleep.

  Signal 1: It is difficult to make a decision.

  In order to plan a vacation, the night was late until late at night, the exact date and location were quickly determined, but the next day, he was hesitant about some details.

Does the airplane seat be by the window or by the aisle?

Immediately rent a car or say it later?

Sean, a sleep research expert at the University of California, USA?

Dr. Drummond said that when tiredness is exhausted, people cannot identify important and irrelevant information.

As a result, the simplest decision is infinitely magnified.

Moreover, the tired person is more likely to bet on the ball and eventually make a wrong decision.

  Signal 2: Old and old hungry.

  A variety of studies have shown that long-term lack of awareness can disturb blood sugar levels, leading to the body’s production of obesity leptin (an appetite-suppressing hormone) and more neonatal hormones (an appetite-stimulating hormone).

These physiological changes inevitably lead to excessive diet.

American Sleep Medicine Conference Lisa?

Dr. Schiffz said that tired people especially love sweets and other simple things, probably because they can quickly fill their stomachs.

In addition, lack of awareness will reduce self-control and choose more chocolate than carrots.

  Signal three: the cold is constantly.

  People with insufficient sleep are more likely to contract the disease.

In one study, researchers injected a cold virus into healthy participants.

As a result, participants who had a sleep time of less than 7 hours were three times more likely to be infected with a cold virus.

The person who only slept for 4 hours in a few nights had a weaker immune response to the flu vaccine.

  Signal four: crying.

  Those who lack consciousness are more likely to cry?

That’s right.

A full sleep can lead to mood volatility.

One study found that when sleep is not enough, we are more likely to be depressed, because the tired brain stores more negative memories.

The behavior of the unconscious is very similar to that of patients with depression.

  Signal 5: Slow response.

  The preliminary tea will also spill the tea on the new clothes that have just been bought.

Such a clumsy foot may be a nuisance.

Director of the Human Sleep Research Center at Stanford University, Klett?

Dr. Kushda said that there is a large body of evidence at present that the lack of awareness is slow, lack of concentration, slow response, and poorer motor skills.

In addition, drowsiness will result in impaired balance and deep perception.

Lazy exclusive weight loss recipe 10 days easy to lose 5 pounds

Lazy exclusive weight loss recipe 10 days easy to lose 5 pounds

The biggest feature of lazy people is: too lazy to trouble.

In the face of food, how can I be willing to trouble my own weak willpower?

Simply eat it, as fat is not fat, reduce or not, then forget it.

Here, I recommend several kinds of foods that are not fat but thin, do not eat white, do not eat, eat and can be thin, see who can bear.

  Eat and eat the main trump card: fresh fruit and vegetables strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, pineapple, pears, oranges, green cauliflower, celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, unsweetened juice and vegetable juice, the originalCanned fruit juice.

  The second echelon: cereal bread, original small bagels, unsweetened cereals, popcorn without flour, cornflakes (baked, not fried), pretzels (low salt), macaroni, original cookies.

  The third camp: low-fat or skimmed milk for milk and dairy products, low-fat or skimmed yogurt, low-fat or skimmed cheese.

  Last line of defense: meat and nut chicken, turkey, sliced meat, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, pistachios, hawaiian nuts.

  Drink, drink, drink, lose weight!

How to lose weight when drinking water?

Drinking water can also lose weight?

Drinking water of course lose weight!

Drinking water, can you still lose weight?

Here to teach you how to drink water to achieve slimming, let you drink a good early morning: drink a cup of warm water to clear the stomach and get up early in the morning, drink a large cup of warm water before eating a rich breakfast, help promote intestinal peristalsis, soYou have a willingness to help the large intestine to clean up, and the belly is no longer proud.

This is a lot of stars in the KeepFit method. The slimming success index is very high for lunch. Drinking water before meals. Try to drink a glass of water before each meal. You can fill the sizzling five-dirty temple and reduce the diet.Second, to supplement the body’s water needs, speed up metabolism.

  I am afraid that if you find that you are drinking water and losing weight, you can drink water while eating, distracting people’s attention, and slowing down the eating speed, so that you can replace it.

  Water does not contain calories, and it also produces a feeling of fullness, so the diet will be reduced.

At the same time, it can clear the swelling feeling before menstruation.

When drinking cold water, you can also help burn calories in your body because the stomach heats cold water.

  Afternoon tea precipitation: smell the flowers and stop the snacks to TeaTime, the appetite is harvested, take out the snacks, potato chips, cookies, soda, etc. are all fat food, an afternoon tea time is higher than a lunch!

Sisters who are not self-sufficient in self-control may wish to spray a floral spray around the office to smell appetite.

  Dinner: Drinking water to lose weight and losing 10 pounds a month to drink only the diet slimming method is unhealthy. The correct drinking water slimming method is to take protein and vegetables to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar, but also slowlychew.

Beer and spirits have the potential to increase cortisone in the body, a hormone that will unfortunately be transferred to the abdomen.

When drinking, I suspect that I will eat more food.

  Walking away when the woman’s feet meet the right shoes, when someone says shopping can also lose weight, when the level of weight loss exercise is: extremely easy . all women will shout: I want to lose weight.

In fact, the weight loss effect of walking can not be ignored!

As long as you walk for 30 minutes every day, you can lose weight and lose weight. It is usually a hurried walk. Washing and reducing this method is absolutely easy to use. It doesn’t take up time and can reduce flesh.

Just, you must not say that you are too lazy to take a shower.

Then, then. you have to soak up the bathtub.

  Slimming spray A – high temperature sweating: Method: 1.

Spray with warm water to warm the body.


Increase the water temperature, starting from the end of the hands and feet, gradually flushing toward the heart, using the water temperature and the stimulation of the water column to let the body sweat.


Dry your body after sweating and rest for a while.


Repeat 2-3 times.
  Features: The friction effect produced by the small water column of the shower head accelerates the blood circulation, activates the feces and muscle tissue, stimulates the body to consume sweat and consumes energy, and the boots achieve weight loss.

  Note: People with cardiovascular disease are unwell.

  Slimming spray B–hot and cold alternating: Method: 1.

Shower with warm water to warm the body.

Increase the water temperature, starting from the end of the hands and feet, gradually flushing toward the heart, using the water temperature and the stimulation of the water column to let the body sweat.

After the break, lower the water temperature, spray with cold water, or just rinse the area that needs to be tightened.


Repeat 2-3 times.
  Features: Increase skin elasticity and firmness, achieve physical exercise and improve slimming effect.

  Note: The body is weak, cardiovascular disease is not suitable, so as not to be able to withstand the impact of cold and heat.

  Wear and wear, wear high heels to lose weight!

Can also be ass!

How can it be?

This is not the audience, the Taiwanese supermodels have published books, the title of the book is “super simple!

Lazy woman’s beautiful legs.”

Now let’s practice and step on the brakes: this action is actually very simple, no matter if you are waiting for the bus or sitting in front, or even standing and chatting, you can do anything without any occasion.

No matter what time or place, you can practice without anyone’s notice. Often doing this action will not only make your buttocks turn up, but also help the uterus contract.

  Walking across the big steps: This action is simpler. Just try to take a big step when walking every day, but the speed can be slowed down. It doesn’t have to be as intense as a race. When you stride a big step, you will find the muscles that have been applied to the buttocks.At the same time, it also improves the muscle burden of the legs; making good use of the strength in front of the thighs and performing the walking movements together with the muscle groups, so that all the strength of the body will not be concentrated on the calves, forming excessive pressure and crowding out over time.The radish legs.

  Sit-ups: Girls who want to have a good posture must try to do sit-ups. People who are not used to exercise can start from a lightweight, one or two times a day, slowly train their endurance, notI want to do a lot of things before I have the effect. The point is to let myself move happily: Before going to bed every night, you can face the wall next to the bed and put your entire leg completely against the wall., 90 degrees vertical, at least 20 minutes.

This action can improve poor blood circulation in the legs and avoid varicose veins.

  Sleeping and sleeping is an epoch-making way to lose weight. It solves the ultimate problem of damaging all lazy people. That is: there is no longer a lazy reason, because there are no lazy obstacles.

When lazy and nowhere, we can finally lazy forever.

Sleep well, lose weight and beauty, why not?

Top 10 introductions of detoxification and beauty food

Top 10 introductions of detoxification and beauty food

After middle-aged people, the function of various parts of the body declines, constipation or difficulty in defecation is a common problem.

Therefore, detoxification of the intestines has become a hot topic in urban women.

As the saying goes, medicine supplements are better than food supplements, and often eat some foods with detoxification function to help remove the garbage in the body, there will be unexpected benefits.

  There are many detox foods. How do you choose to lose weight healthily?

Here are the top ten common detoxification foods for you, to help you clear the intestines, to solve problems such as difficulty in defecation, and to eliminate the disease in the bud.


Honey is sweet and flat, since ancient times, it is a good nourishing and detoxifying beauty.

  Efficacy: It has a significant effect on moistening the lungs and relieving cough, relieving laxatives, detoxifying and nourishing the skin, and is easily absorbed by the body.

Drink a cup of honey water on an empty stomach in the morning, which has the effect of beauty and bowel movement.

It is also good for cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia.


Carrots are sweet, good in nature, nourishing blood and detoxifying. They are effective detoxifying foods for strengthening the spleen and stomach. They are rich in carotene and multivitamins.

  Efficacy: Combined with mercury ions in the body, it can effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood and accelerate the elimination of mercury ions in the body.

White radish, carrot, and radish also have the above effects.

  Suitable symptoms: used for lead, mercury over-standard cosmetics or dietary lead, mercury caused by chloasma, butterfly spots and other skin problems.


The kelp is salty and cold, and it is an ideal detoxification food for phlegm, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic, detoxification and laxative.

  Efficacy: After the iodine in the kelp can be absorbed by the human body, it promotes the elimination of harmful substances, variables and osmotic exudates. At the same time, kelp contains a kind of sulfuric acid micron, which can absorb the blood plasma and excrete it.

  Suitable symptoms: complications caused by thyroid enlargement and iodine deficiency, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, drug poisoning, edema.


Fungus is sweet and flat, and it is the best food for detoxification and detoxification, eliminating stomach and digesting the intestines, and stopping bleeding.

  Efficacy: Fungus contains a kind of plant gum, which has the absorption of absorption. It can absorb the dust and impurities remaining in the human digestive system and then excrete it.

  Suitable for symptoms: People working in military dust environment should eat more.


Cucumber is sweet and flat, and it is a detoxifying food with obvious heat-clearing and detoxifying, thirst-quenching.

  Efficacy: Cucumber acid contained in cucumber can promote human metabolism and excrete toxins. The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than that of watermelon. It can whiten skin, maintain elasticity and inhibit the formation of melanin.

Eating cucumber also helps to resolve inflammation and inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into misfortune.

  Suitable symptoms: lung, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system are not good, summer is prone to irritability, thirst, sore throat or phlegm.


Bitter gourd is sweet, bitter, and flat. It is a food that detoxifies and nourishes beauty.

  Efficacy: Bitter gourd contains an active protein with obvious anti-cancer effect, which can stimulate the immune system defense function, increase the activity of immune cells, and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

  Suitable symptoms: Although bitter gourd tastes slightly bitter, but the aftertaste is sweet, women should eat more, in order to facilitate the smoothing of blood.


Litchi is sweet, sour, and warm. It is an ideal food for detoxification and diarrhea, thirst, and detoxification.

  Efficacy: Litchi has Bushen Yijing, improves liver function, accelerates toxin elimination, promotes cell formation, and makes skin tender and so on.

  Suitable for symptoms: rough skin, dry, especially kidney deficiency caused by frequent staying up late.

Pig blood: sweet, warm, is the ideal food for detoxification and clearing the intestines, nourishing blood and nourishing the skin.

Pig blood effect: The plasma protein in pig blood is decomposed by gastric acid in the human body to produce a detoxification and intestinal decomposition product, which can replace harmful dust and metal particles.
  Suitable for symptoms: long-term exposure to people who are harmful to toxic dust, especially drivers who drive vehicles daily.

In addition, pig blood cancer iron, for the anemia and pale face improvement.


Mung bean is sweet and cool, and it is a standing food for clearing away heat and detoxifying and arson.

  Efficacy: Regular food can help excrete toxins in the body and promote the normal metabolism of the body.

  Suitable symptoms: Many people are prone to skin itching after eating fatty, fried, hot foods, acne, lice, mung beans have strong detoxification effect, can remove a variety of toxins, mung beans can lower cholesterol, and have liver protectionAnd anti-oxidation, in the mung bean soup into the honey glucose, detoxification and beauty effect is better.


The tea is cool and sweet, and it is a detoxification guardian who clears away heat and eliminates trouble, digests and accumulates.

  Efficacy: It is especially effective for refreshing, clearing eyes, and quenching thirst. A biological substance in tea, tea polyphenols, has a detoxifying effect.

As a natural antioxidant, tea polyphenols can scavenge reactive oxygen free radicals for health care and anti-aging.

  Suitable symptoms: Tea has obvious anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and insisting on drinking tea has the positive effect of preventing tumors.

In the autumn, the fire, the tip of the tongue, the base of the tongue, the ulcer on the tongue, drink three teas, reduce the fire and reduce inflammation, and make the body healthier.

In the autumn, the fire, the tip of the tongue, the base of the tongue, the ulcer on the tongue, drink three teas, reduce the fire and reduce inflammation, and make the body healthier.

In autumn, the climate is dry, and “dryness” is easy to cause discomfort to the human body, which reduces the body’s resistance.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics” records: “The dry win is dry.

“And dry and evil, vulnerable to liquid, easy to cause people to get angry.

“Fire” has a virtual and real points, the symptoms are different: 1, the actual fire refers to Yang Sheng on fire, its performance, the surface of the ulcer is yellow, red, hot and painful, accompanied by mouth bitter bad breath, upset body heat, urine yellow, constipation and other symptoms.

More in the liver and gallbladder, high blood pressure, generally eat fried, spicy and other foods easily lead to real fire ulcers; and, temper is also a real fire.

2, virtual fire refers to yin deficiency on fire, its performance, the surface of the ulcer is white, faint pain, and accompanied by upset, red limbs, dry mouth, fatigue and other symptoms.

More in the heart, lungs, liver, long staying up late, the elderly dry stool, low immunity will lead to virtual fire.

In the autumn, the fire, the tip of the tongue, the base of the tongue, the ulcer on the tongue, drink three teas, and reduce the fire. The Chinese medicine believes that some parts of the tongue are related to certain organs, and the tongue is divided into four parts: the tip of the tongue, the tongue, the base of the tongue, and the tongue.It belongs to cardiopulmonary, spleen and stomach, kidney, liver and gallbladder.

First, the tip of the tongue ulcer Chinese medicine believes that “the tip of the tongue is the heart of the seedlings”, the tip of the tongue ulcers, generally heart fire, lung fire, clear heart fire can be used lotus core.

The lotus seed core has the effect of clearing the heart and reducing the fire.

Remember, it is not advisable to take more clothes, otherwise you will be indifferent.

You can also drink a cup of heart-raising fire-fighting tea, and mix ginseng, lily, ground festival, bitter and dandelion with five kinds of materials to make ginseng tea, which has the function of nourishing the heart, moistening the lungs and reducing the fire.

Ginseng, heart, lung, has the reputation of “king of the grass”, has the effect of Shengjin, soothe the nerves, and benefit the lungs.

Studies have found that ginseng contains a variety of saponins and clusters of η, can regulate the central nervous system, anti-fatigue, but also improve the body’s resistance.

The festival is a good medicine for nourishing yin and sputum, and it has the function of “nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, quenching thirst and nourishing the stomach.

“Lily, heart, lung, with the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, clearing the heart and calming the nerves, has no effect on the heat after the fever, depression, etc.

Dandelion, cold, has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, has a good effect on oral ulcers caused by fire.

Pairing with ginseng can also prevent the problems caused by nourishing.

Bitter, with heat and purging fire, can improve the heart and brain circulation, remove body waste, and eliminate fatigue.

The five are paired together to raise the heart, moisturize the lungs, and reduce the fire.

Second, the tongue root ulcer tongue root ulcer, generally kidney fire, often accompanied by kidney deficiency, such as fatigue, weakness, waist and knees, insomnia and more dreams, male impotence and nocturnal emission, female menstrual disorders.

More related to mood fluctuations, kidney fire is a kidney deficiency fire, need to nourish yin and reduce fire.

Drink a cup of Ziyin and reduce the fire tea, and mix the two materials of Astragalus and Licorice to make Astragalus licorice tea, which can promote the healing of ulcers.

Astragalus, kidney, lung, liver, beneficial gas-solid table, astringent sweat, the role of sore muscle.

The study found that jaundice has improved immunity and resistance to healing and healing.

Licorice, which has the effect of tonifying qi and invigorating the spleen, clearing away heat and detoxifying, has found that licorice has anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and detoxification effects, similar to hormones, and is suitable for real fire and virtual fire. It is a good medicine for treating oral ulcers.

The two are paired together to reduce fire and resist ulcers.

Third, tongue ulcers tongue and tongue ulcers, usually liver and gallbladder fire.

Chinese medicine believes that in the liver and gallbladder phase, the liver and gallbladder are on fire, accompanied by dry mouth, mouth bitterness, tinnitus and other symptoms.

Drink a cup of liver-reducing tea, and mix the magnolia root and dandelion root together to make dandelion magnolia root tea, which has the function of clearing the liver and gallbladder.

Magnolia root, cold, return to the liver, has the effect of clearing the gallbladder, is very effective for damp heat jaundice, can improve the body’s endocrine disorders, improve the role of reducing fire and dryness, lowering the three high.

Dandelion, returning to the liver, good at displacing liver dysfunction, reducing liver fire, is called “natural under fire grass”, irritable and irritated by the stagnation of the liver, dry mouth, bad breath, sore throat, short urine, etc.Efficacy.
The two are combined to have the effect of reducing liver fire and gallbladder.

Autumn is easy to get angry, ulcers, drink more tea, adjust your mood, and be healthy. When you are in summer and autumn, you can get sick!

The pictures are all enlarged, if possible, please contact and delete, thank you!

Diet and health help the elderly protect the brain!

Diet and health help the elderly protect the brain!

Researchers have found that healthy foods help to concentrate the brain’s attention, can make people in a state of high mood, enhance memory, and prevent premature aging of the brain.

  Food can affect the function of the brain in a variety of ways. Some foods contain nutrients that produce brain chemicals, neurotransmitters.

This substance enhances memory, increases attention, and speeds up responsiveness.

The brain needs certain kinds of food to supply energy, and some foods support the development of the brain and restore healthy brain cells.

In order to keep the brain in the primary state, researchers recommend adding some food to the diet.

  Make sure breakfast.

A large number of recent studies have confirmed that omitting breakfast restores memory impairment and student performance declines.

The memory-enhancing function of breakfast is based on the glucose contained in the food. This is a simple sugar that is rich in food and is supplied to the brain. The lack of this sugar, the brain’s nutrition library in 10-15 minutes.It will be lost.

  Eating for the brain means replenishing food at regular intervals every day, which means adding snacks between meals to supply the brain with stable glucose.

  Researchers point out that there are good reasons to recommend that people eat a bowl of cereals for breakfast, and that fortified cereals are a good source of iron.

Iron plays an important role in enhancing brain concentration and learning.

Iron has the function of transmitting oxygen to the brain, which can be used to produce neurotransmitters that regulate human attention.

The best sources of iron are lean beef, liver, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, raisins, soy, tofu and walnuts.

  If you have a balanced diet and are mild, you can have a lot of VB.

In order to take VB, breakfast should include fortified cereals, whole grains, malt, lean meat, fish, dairy, walnuts and melon seeds.

  In order to prevent memory loss due to age, some experts recommend injecting antioxidant foods and VC, VE.

Researchers pointed out earlier this year that synergistic use of VC and VE supplements can prevent older people from developing Parkinson’s syndrome.

  The brain is healthy enough to restore the number of abnormalities, and the types of abnormalities that follow.

Ingesting a large amount of foods containing clam meat, cheese and dessert can reduce brain function, but the fish in the fish is good for brain health. Therefore, it is advisable to choose some fish oil-rich seafood, so linseed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil alsoBoth are good for brain health.

  Long-term intake of these foods will not make you a genius, but it can improve your thinking ability, relieve the brain’s decline, and prevent high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and even arthritis.

There are eight kinds of foods that must be eaten in the Laba Festival. You have eaten several times.

There are eight kinds of foods that must be eaten in the Laba Festival. You have eaten several times.

1, Laba Tofu Ba Ba Tofu is the tofu that every household in Pixian County has to do before and after Laba, and the people who live in simple times go out to do business, and can eat as long as possible.

Laba tofu is made from small soybeans, with holes in the middle, and salt in the sun, so that the salt is slowly absorbed.

The finished product of Laba bean rot is concave in the middle, and it is not easy to deteriorate and eat with it.

Laba tofu can be eaten alone, or it can be stewed with meat. The mouth is soft, sweet and salty, sweet and fragrant.

2, in the north of Laba Noodles, some places that do not produce or produce less rice, people do not eat Laba porridge, but eat Laba.

The next day, I used all kinds of fruits, fruits and vegetables, and simmered the noodles. On the morning of the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the whole family ate the noodles.

In the afternoon before doing Laba, I had to fry the scorpion and make a good face.

When making the dumplings, first cut the fresh pork or mutton into diced meat, then cut the tofu, white radish, carrots, green onions and other vegetables into diced; add the diced meat into the hot oil pan and stir fry until the vegetables are cooked.After the frying, it will be spared; the dough will be sliced and cut into rhomboid strips; after the water in the pot is boiled, the soaked soy beans, millet, vermicelli, fungus, daylily, etc. will be put in.When cooking until quick-cooking, put it into the noodle, and finally add the prepared meat dumplings, add salt, pepper and other spices, so that a pot of fragrant wax bacon is ready.

3, Sticky fire spoon As the saying goes, it is too cold in Laba, it will freeze the chin, so you should eat some sticky food to stick the chin.

Sticky fire spoon is a traditional northern Laba food. Laba is branded dozens of times this day. After it is branded, it is frozen in the big tank of the warehouse. When it is eaten, it can be distilled.

The sticky fire spoon uses glutinous rice flour as raw material, adds rice powder to neutralize the viscosity, and smashes the red bean or the cooked sesame in the pot as a filling.

The glutinous rice flour is kneaded into a dough, filled with sweet red bean paste in the middle, pressed into a small thick cake, and cooked on a pot.

After taking out the pot, bite a bite, the skin is crispy and sticky, the stuffing is sweet and soft, and the head is small and delicate, like the Chinese version of the copper sizzling.

4, cook “five beans” in some places over the bacon porridge, not called “La Ba porridge”, but called “five beans”, some boiled on the same day, some cooked on the fifth day of the twelfth lunar month, but also use the surface pinchThese “queen heads” are cooked with rice and beans (five kinds of beans).

It is said that the Laba people ate the “queen head”, the sparrow had a headache, and did not harm the crop in the coming year.

The “five beans” cooked, in addition to self-sufficiency, also give relatives.

It is hot and delicious when you eat every day. It has been eaten until the twelfth lunar month, which symbolizes more than a year.

5, Laba garlic, wax, and garlic are the customs of the North China region. They are brewed from around the Laba, and become green and green in 7 to 10 days.

The production of Laba garlic is also quite simple. It is best to pick the purple skin. The garlic cloves are soaked and the garlic is crispy. Although the ordinary garlic is big, it is not crispy.

After peeling the purple garlic, it is immersed in rice vinegar and filled with small jars.

Rice vinegar is light, soaked garlic color is as early as orange, yellow and green, tastes sour and spicy, aroma and sweet.

The spicy garlic and the aroma of acetic acid dissolve together, and it is the best condiment for eating dumplings. It can also be used with cold dishes and has a unique taste.

Laba garlic is a healthy ingredient for Chinese New Year’s cooking. It is not only fried, but also fried and fried, and fried beef, fried beef, all add a touch of green.

6, Laba Bean Laba Bean is one of the traditional foods of peanuts in Hunan Province. It has been for decades. The folks began to pickle after the winter of the year and eat it after 8 days of the twelfth lunar month.

The finished product has a special aroma and is very delicious, so it is very popular.

However, it has been a family or small workshop since ancient times, and has been affected by the seasons. It has not been able to become a food that consumers can consume in all seasons.

The practice of Laba Bean is a bit complicated: wash the soybeans, remove the empty skin residue, use the cool water to swell, remove, add the water pot (boil the water to cover the soybeans one inch), first cook with the fire, then use the smallThe fire is boiled and cooked until it is squeezed into a mud.

Then remove the beans from the water (cook the bean water and put some salt, keep it for spare), spread it in the bag, then put the bag in the basket or other container, and keep it around with straw or cotton wool, put it around 20 or so.The place.

7, Laba rice Ningxia, Henan and other places custom is to eat Laba.

Ningxia Laba Festival is a rice-baked rice. Generally, various kinds of beans are used to add rice, potatoes and porridge, plus wheat ears that are cut into diamond-shaped willow leaves with wheat noodles or soba noodles, or the head of a small round egg.Add chopped green onion before the pot.

The Laba rice in Henan is cooked with eight kinds of raw materials such as millet, mung bean, cowpea, wheat kernel, peanut, red jujube and corn. After cooking, add some brown sugar, walnut kernel, porridge and thick flavor, which means that the grain will be harvested in the coming year.

Xining Laba Festival does not drink porridge, but eats wheat kernel rice.

On the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, the newly grinded wheat kernels are cooked with beef and mutton, and the green salt, ginger skin, pepper, grass fruit, and Miaoxiang are added. After a night of cooking, the wheat kernel rice is delicious and delicious.
8, the day before eating iced wax, people generally use steel basins to freeze water, wait until the Laba Festival to take off the ice and knock the ice into pieces.

In the saying goes, there is a statement that “the next year will not be completed, first look at Laba Ice”.

In the early morning of Laba, people still have to go to the river, go to the spring to go ice, and take it home, which is called “La Ba Bing.”

Whoever gets up early, the first one to hit the ice, who is good enough luck.

It is said that Laba Bing can cure all diseases. The ice that comes this day should be kept very short, so that the children have a happy time to eat ice.Of course, adults will also eat.

What’s interesting is that no matter how you eat it, you won’t have a diarrhea.

The woman will use the “La Ba Bing” on this day, and the bowl of beans and green glutinous rice will be ground together.

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