There are eight kinds of foods that must be eaten in the Laba Festival. You have eaten several times.

There are eight kinds of foods that must be eaten in the Laba Festival. You have eaten several times.

1, Laba Tofu Ba Ba Tofu is the tofu that every household in Pixian County has to do before and after Laba, and the people who live in simple times go out to do business, and can eat as long as possible.

Laba tofu is made from small soybeans, with holes in the middle, and salt in the sun, so that the salt is slowly absorbed.

The finished product of Laba bean rot is concave in the middle, and it is not easy to deteriorate and eat with it.

Laba tofu can be eaten alone, or it can be stewed with meat. The mouth is soft, sweet and salty, sweet and fragrant.

2, in the north of Laba Noodles, some places that do not produce or produce less rice, people do not eat Laba porridge, but eat Laba.

The next day, I used all kinds of fruits, fruits and vegetables, and simmered the noodles. On the morning of the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, the whole family ate the noodles.

In the afternoon before doing Laba, I had to fry the scorpion and make a good face.

When making the dumplings, first cut the fresh pork or mutton into diced meat, then cut the tofu, white radish, carrots, green onions and other vegetables into diced; add the diced meat into the hot oil pan and stir fry until the vegetables are cooked.After the frying, it will be spared; the dough will be sliced and cut into rhomboid strips; after the water in the pot is boiled, the soaked soy beans, millet, vermicelli, fungus, daylily, etc. will be put in.When cooking until quick-cooking, put it into the noodle, and finally add the prepared meat dumplings, add salt, pepper and other spices, so that a pot of fragrant wax bacon is ready.

3, Sticky fire spoon As the saying goes, it is too cold in Laba, it will freeze the chin, so you should eat some sticky food to stick the chin.

Sticky fire spoon is a traditional northern Laba food. Laba is branded dozens of times this day. After it is branded, it is frozen in the big tank of the warehouse. When it is eaten, it can be distilled.

The sticky fire spoon uses glutinous rice flour as raw material, adds rice powder to neutralize the viscosity, and smashes the red bean or the cooked sesame in the pot as a filling.

The glutinous rice flour is kneaded into a dough, filled with sweet red bean paste in the middle, pressed into a small thick cake, and cooked on a pot.

After taking out the pot, bite a bite, the skin is crispy and sticky, the stuffing is sweet and soft, and the head is small and delicate, like the Chinese version of the copper sizzling.

4, cook “five beans” in some places over the bacon porridge, not called “La Ba porridge”, but called “five beans”, some boiled on the same day, some cooked on the fifth day of the twelfth lunar month, but also use the surface pinchThese “queen heads” are cooked with rice and beans (five kinds of beans).

It is said that the Laba people ate the “queen head”, the sparrow had a headache, and did not harm the crop in the coming year.

The “five beans” cooked, in addition to self-sufficiency, also give relatives.

It is hot and delicious when you eat every day. It has been eaten until the twelfth lunar month, which symbolizes more than a year.

5, Laba garlic, wax, and garlic are the customs of the North China region. They are brewed from around the Laba, and become green and green in 7 to 10 days.

The production of Laba garlic is also quite simple. It is best to pick the purple skin. The garlic cloves are soaked and the garlic is crispy. Although the ordinary garlic is big, it is not crispy.

After peeling the purple garlic, it is immersed in rice vinegar and filled with small jars.

Rice vinegar is light, soaked garlic color is as early as orange, yellow and green, tastes sour and spicy, aroma and sweet.

The spicy garlic and the aroma of acetic acid dissolve together, and it is the best condiment for eating dumplings. It can also be used with cold dishes and has a unique taste.

Laba garlic is a healthy ingredient for Chinese New Year’s cooking. It is not only fried, but also fried and fried, and fried beef, fried beef, all add a touch of green.

6, Laba Bean Laba Bean is one of the traditional foods of peanuts in Hunan Province. It has been for decades. The folks began to pickle after the winter of the year and eat it after 8 days of the twelfth lunar month.

The finished product has a special aroma and is very delicious, so it is very popular.

However, it has been a family or small workshop since ancient times, and has been affected by the seasons. It has not been able to become a food that consumers can consume in all seasons.

The practice of Laba Bean is a bit complicated: wash the soybeans, remove the empty skin residue, use the cool water to swell, remove, add the water pot (boil the water to cover the soybeans one inch), first cook with the fire, then use the smallThe fire is boiled and cooked until it is squeezed into a mud.

Then remove the beans from the water (cook the bean water and put some salt, keep it for spare), spread it in the bag, then put the bag in the basket or other container, and keep it around with straw or cotton wool, put it around 20 or so.The place.

7, Laba rice Ningxia, Henan and other places custom is to eat Laba.

Ningxia Laba Festival is a rice-baked rice. Generally, various kinds of beans are used to add rice, potatoes and porridge, plus wheat ears that are cut into diamond-shaped willow leaves with wheat noodles or soba noodles, or the head of a small round egg.Add chopped green onion before the pot.

The Laba rice in Henan is cooked with eight kinds of raw materials such as millet, mung bean, cowpea, wheat kernel, peanut, red jujube and corn. After cooking, add some brown sugar, walnut kernel, porridge and thick flavor, which means that the grain will be harvested in the coming year.

Xining Laba Festival does not drink porridge, but eats wheat kernel rice.

On the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, the newly grinded wheat kernels are cooked with beef and mutton, and the green salt, ginger skin, pepper, grass fruit, and Miaoxiang are added. After a night of cooking, the wheat kernel rice is delicious and delicious.
8, the day before eating iced wax, people generally use steel basins to freeze water, wait until the Laba Festival to take off the ice and knock the ice into pieces.

In the saying goes, there is a statement that “the next year will not be completed, first look at Laba Ice”.

In the early morning of Laba, people still have to go to the river, go to the spring to go ice, and take it home, which is called “La Ba Bing.”

Whoever gets up early, the first one to hit the ice, who is good enough luck.

It is said that Laba Bing can cure all diseases. The ice that comes this day should be kept very short, so that the children have a happy time to eat ice.Of course, adults will also eat.

What’s interesting is that no matter how you eat it, you won’t have a diarrhea.

The woman will use the “La Ba Bing” on this day, and the bowl of beans and green glutinous rice will be ground together.

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