[Delicious and easy to make lazy breakfast]_How to do_How to do

[Delicious and easy to make lazy breakfast]_How to do_How to do

The delicious and easy-to-make lazy breakfast has always been a yearning for everyone, because many young people are too lazy to make breakfast in the morning, and the whole morning will not only make the hungry stomach uncomfortable, but also make the entire body very uncomfortable.So everyone can learn some simple and easy breakfasts to help us solve the high temperature of the stomach.

Lazy breakfast buns with eggs and lettuce ingredients 2 stars, 1 egg, small amount of oatmeal, lettuce two, three leaves can be used 1. Put the steamed bun into the electric pot to steam (it is best to put a steamed bun between the steamed bun and the inner pot)Put something on it, otherwise the side that is in direct contact will be hard after it is steamed. I used a small saucer with a saucer to reverse the inside of the pot, and then steamed the buns. 2) Put the eggs and oatmeal in the bowl togetherStir well.

3. Peel two or three pieces of birth vegetables. Wash them and put them in water.

4. Use the time that the lettuce is being brewed to fry the eggs.

5. The egg is fried, and the lettuce can be taken out of the water.

The head is almost the same. After steaming, cut (or tear) and sandwich the eggs and lettuce (I wrap the lettuce because the steamed bun is not big enough).

6, this amount can allow a boy to eat support, or two servings of ordinary people.

A lazy nutritious breakfast with a glass of fresh milk?
Perfect material: 4 slices of toast, 3 eggs. Method 1. Cut a piece of toast into four triangle shapes. 2. Mix 3 eggs in a bowl and mix 3. Add the cut toast with egg liquid to the pot.Fire double-sided frying to make simple steamed buns. Breakfast materials. Quartet fresh milk steamed buns 2, eggs 2, inner muscle slices 2, bacon 2. Operate steamed steamed buns before starting to fry eggs, meat slices, and bacon to tear steamed steamed buns.Half, but don’t tear it off completely!

Fill in the fried eggs, meat slices, bacon delicious meat and egg bacon buns are done!